About Christian Del Rosario, N.D.

Functional Medicine & Holistic Medicine in Del Mar, CA

Christian Del Rosario, N.D.

Christian Jacob Del Rosario, N.D.

Dr. Christian Jacob is a passionate and dedicated Founder and doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Tulsi Wellness Club. With his ambitious drive to innovate the field of primary care using precision medicine and the power of nature, his mission is simple - transform patient’s lives through proactive, preventative medicine that aims to restore complete health - mind, body, and spirit. 

His approach begins with understanding each unique patient and their story in order to create a tailored, bespoke treatment plan that emphasizes long-term wellness and treats the root cause of disease.

Dr. Jacob’s intrigue of the human body and its inherent self-healing process ultimately led him to specialize in Cardiometabolic health. A defining experience was training alongside physicians and witnessing the breakthrough power of regenerative medicine and anti-aging aesthetics in which he has obtained several certifications. 

Dr. Jacob uses his demonstrated history and experience in the field of regenerative medicine to provide his patients the latest advancements in treating cardiometabolic disease, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. 

He also has extensive clinical training in functional medicine and anti-aging treatments through a preceptorship with the renowned Dr. Rahi, MD in Beverly Hills. To further his studies, Christian intends to obtain a fellowship in anti-aging and stem cell therapy. 

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