About Devin Stone, N.D.

Functional Medicine & Holistic Medicine in Del Mar, CA

Devin Stone, N.D.

Devin Stone, N.D.

Devin Stone, ND, is an Alternative and Holistic Medicine Practitioner specializing in anti-aging and functional medicine at Tulsi Wellness Club, located in Del Mar, California.

In 2011, Dr. Stone graduated from the University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology, and his world in health began. At this time, he started a well-known integrative medicine clinic in Hollywood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. There, he had the opportunity to work with many athletes, celebrities, and many overall amazing people. 

During this time, Dr. Stone furthered his education by pursuing a master's level education in medicine from the University Utrecht, Netherlands. Later he went on to obtain other certificates in fields such as nutrition, cancer biology, alternative medicine, drugless medicine, and more. 

After working in Hollywood for almost a decade and helping thousands of patients in various clinics, Dr. Stone decided he needed to take his professional development one step further. He returned to medical school and studied to become a doctor. 

In 2022 Dr. Stone completed his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in San Diego, California, and will be expanding his care to more patients. With extensive training in natural-based and conventional treatments, this experience allows him to provide root-cause-level care to all his patients.

His certifications include Cancer Biology from John Hopkins University, Child Nutrition from Stanford University, Prolotherapy Certifications, IV Therapy Certification from Bastyr University, European Masters in Anti-Aging, and Euromedicom Whole Foods Nutrition Certification from Bastyr University.